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We use github tool (WVD Support Tool) to provision WVD's. If a WVD is provisioned and if the user is not logged in at all, this tool will not show whether wvd is provisioned or not, only when user logins to the wvd it shows the wvd status.


How can i know if the wvd is provisioned for a specific user. if the i use the below syntax i can see for all the WVD's

Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName mytenant -HostPoolName MYPOOL-5


How can i provision a WVD for a specific user( in the HostPool MYPOOL-5, after provisioning how can i know the status of this wvd.

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@Rising Flight 

There is some terminology disconnect. WVD does not get deployed per users. WVD environment is deployed and the user is assigned to WVD app group that belongs to a host pool (collection of VMS).
Best way to see the user assignments is here