WVD Client Deployment Via Intune - Deployed as workstation and not User

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Hey all, we pushed the WVD client via intune in the user context but today when users received notification that a client update was available, they were prompted for credentials to update. 


Checking the install it was installed to program files. It was my understanding that it should have been deployed to the users profile with the below settings. 


Any help greatly appreciated 


Deployment setting

Name - Windows Virtual Desktop (x64) Client
Description - Windows Virtual Desktop (x64) Client
Publisher - Microsoft
App install context - User
Ignore app version - No
Command-line arguments:
Show this as a featured app in the Company Portal - No
Information URL
Privacy URL


All users; MDM_RemoteDesktop(WVD)_Install
Available for enrolled devices
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Hi @Jonny5 , did you follow the installation options guidance to deploy the MSI per-user instead of per-device?



Hope this helps,


@David Belanger Importing the official MSI to Intune, and using the following recommended arguments, still installs the client to "C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop\msrdcw.exe", forcing the users to elevate to admin to be able to update it.
We had to wrap it into a scriptbased installation and run it in user context to be able to install as the logged on User.

Anyone else had issues with this, or a better way of installing it as user?

I have the same issue with Intune deployment. I've also tried wrapping it as a win32 app, but that still doesn't work. This glitch makes updates very disruptive to users. @Ola Holtberget 

@sbuntun did you ever manage to get this working? Running into this same issue.

@TC-RichG Yes, use this for the client to be installed in user-context:

"C:\Temp\RDClient.msi" ALLUSERS="2" MSIINSTALLPERUSER="1" /qn /passive /log c:\temp\RDClient.log

@Ola Holtberget : could you please post a screenshot of the exact settings in enpoint manager.

i tried all suggestions here but still having same problem. thank you 

@Ola Holtberget  would be great if you could share a screenshot of the exact settings in Endpoint manager. Thanks.

@KWalder100 Since we need the RDClient installed quickly for all users logging on to any laptop, we ended up creating a Scheduled Task that installs the client upon logon of all users.

The Intune-part is just a Win32 app installing the scheduled task.

The Scheduled Task is set to "Run as user", and starts a script to install the client as the user, if the client is not already installed:

msiexec /i "C:\Temp\RDClient.msi" ALLUSERS="2" MSIINSTALLPERUSER="1" /qn /passive /log c:\temp\RDClient.log