WVD Azure Host Server Requirements

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We are in process of migrating a 150 user RDSH farm to Azure.  Our initial testing with 40 users and 4 session host in Azure failed miserably.  Our cloud partner opened a SEV1 ticket with MS, where we were told that support could not help and to go back to design.  The issue here is the throughput that the specific Session host VM is not sufficient for our user load.  (20 minute logins, server lockups)


Now that WVD is available, we are thinking of migrating to this instead.


The question I have is this...

How accurate is the pricing calculator in regards to VM sizing?  The calculator calls out 3 host for 150 medium use pooled Win10 users.  Based on our testing of RDS, this count seems really low.


Is there a resource I can reach out to and get this and other questions answered?  (Pre-Sales Support?)


Any advise is appreciated.



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It's a diffcult question to answer as there is a number of factors at play;


ie You may have 150 users but what is the average concurrent count?

What applications are you running and how many?


Maybe the easier way to find out your requirements in Azure is to first assess your usage on-premise and 'convert' to Azure?


I will say this however. Ignore the pricing calculator WVD provides. Our intial testing has shown around 10 concurrent users to 4vCPU and 32GB RAM is the sweet spot, however mileage will vary dependant on the end users usage of the system.



Thanks for the reply.  Concurrently we have 130-140 users using Office 365 (primarily Outlook), a Java based terminal emulator and a PDF reader.  


Your last comment is EXACTLY what I am looking for!  User Density.  I need to see what "real world" folks are seeing for density, and you have given me a real answer.