WVD ARM based Users?

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How do you know where the user has landed in the ARM version. True the portal there is a user part but the way that works is strange. Why not query to show where all users are landed and show them.

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@cvanaxel It depends on what the admin is trying to determine. If the admin wants to know waht session host a user is in, they will go through the Users blade on the portal. If the admin wants to see user sessions on various VMs in a hostpool, they can go through the hsotpool->session host route OR use Log Analytics and come up with a dashboard for that. I would like to understand why an admin would like to see all active users and the associated session host - what can be accomplished using that, except for reporting?

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


Because it is not the admin troubleshooting first level problem and thats why you need to show all sessions and on which machines. Makes it easy to report for the firstline.