WVD Application duplicated in Conditional Access Rule

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I have registered two WVD Tenant, but we are using only the last created Tenant.


When I create the AD Conditional Access Rule, I find two WVD Apps:



If I go to Azure Portal -> Enterprise Applications, I see two Apps:



Could you help me to find which is the "old and empty" WVD App to remove?

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This is to be expected when searching for WVD apps.  

The one with App ID 9cdead84-a844-4324-93f2-b2e6bb768d07 belongs to the Spring 2020 Update

The one with App ID 5a0aa725-4958-4b0c-80a9-34562e23f3b7 belongs to the Fall 2019 Release


You can remove the Fall 2019 Release enterprise app and if you need to add it back for some reason, follow the steps here