WVD and non persistent image

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I am hoping somebody can direct me to the proper documentation on how to setup the below scenario with WVD.  I have already setup a POC with a number of VMs all deployed via the marketplace template and making use of FSLogix containers.  All is working fine as described in the documentation.


What I can't find is how to setup a scenario with a non persistent image.  Our company currently uses a Citrix setup in which the VM grabs an image from a centralized location as it boots.  The image is identical as all VMs grab it from the same location.  That means that no matter what the user does or installs in the VM, the next time it reboots, it starts fresh.  It is not very appealing to my organization to have a Virtual Desktop deployment in which every VM will slowly diverge over time as the Operating Systems change with user activity.


Please advise.  Thanks.

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