WVD and Nokia VitalQIP

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A question for the hive mind. Does WVD work with 3rd party DNS solutions as well as Windows AD-integrated DNS? Specifically, a customer uses Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) VitalQIP as their IP management solution. Is this a show stopper? I've asked Dean at The Azure Academy who has indicated that this is unlikely. Just need clarification.

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WVD need that these VM are joined in a ADDS hybrid environnment or joinded to a AzureAD Directory servies instance (Which is basicly 2DC that are managed by Microsoft with user syncs) to be in a supported scenario. The DNS mechanisms is the same as expected, you just need to provide the correct DNS servers in the VNET or per Nic in Azure ARM. DHCP (Address spaces/subnet) in VNET and IP addresses are managed with Azure ARM, you can't change an IP config at the guest level configuration unless it reflect the provided IP in Azure sARM since all addresses are virtual in Azure (same as SDN stuff).

so basicly if you want to add IP addresses policies via a third party software, this software must be Azure aware and must change the config in the Azure portal not at the guest level. (Note that a IP configuration change trigger a VM restart to get their new IP config).