WVD and M365 Business

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Hi Guys,


I have a question regarding WVD and M365 Business license.


In all documentations so far it's said  the M365 business is eligible to access Widows virtual desktops. But here https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-desktop/ is says "*Customers can access Windows Virtual Desktop from their non-Windows Pro endpoints if they have a Microsoft 365 E3/E5/F1, Microsoft 365 A3/A5/Student Use Benefits or Windows 10 VDA per user license."


So the users with 'business' license won't be able to connect at all from home editions or other devices? How will the system know if the endpoint is a non-pro edition e.g. connecting via webbrowser or even a mobile device? Does the endpoint need to joined to the same domain as the host servers?



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Hey, M365 Business also includes a license to connect to a WVD host.


i think what the quote below is reffing to is that you can use a non Windows Pro edition machine to access the corporate network via the WVD host, rather than having a domain joined PC. Users can now use whatever they’d like such as an iPad.

@Paul Maranzano I think it is like what the sentence say:
1. If you use M365 Business, your connecting device needs to be a Windows 10 Pro device, otherwise you will need to purchase additional Windows 10 VDA license.