WVD and GPU/Hardware encoding

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Anyone succesfully set up this?


I have done everything described in the documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/configure-vm-gpu), but I am not seeing event ID 170 or 162 in the RdpCoreTS logs and the performance is not as expected.

Tested with Windows 10 1903 and Windows 10 Multi-User 1903. NV6 VM.

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The correct name of the event log node is RdpCoreCDV, not RdpCoreTS. the documentation is being updated.
Excellent. Thank you.
I don't have a RdpCoreCDV node at all, I only have RdpCoreTS. And I also see no EventID 162 or 170 events.

Where is RdpCoreCDV node supposed to be and what reasons could there be for it missing?

I am facing the same issue.
I am using Windows Server 2016.

@leeharrold_stryker interesting, I since switched to server 2016 and all of the problems went away, hardware h.264 encoding just works and is very robust. With 10 it was dropping out all the time and falling back on software encoding, on 2016 I have not seen it drop out once. Using Nvidia 472.xx drivers. I did look for the codes in the event log, and they don't show up, but hardware encoding definitely works, I can tell the difference in quality at a glance (NVENC quality is significantly more blocky with high volume changes, but perfectly usable).