WVD AltGr special characters

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Hi all,


we're facing some serious issues with several WVD environments regaring special characters entered with the AltGr key.

Using the combination CTRL+ ALT + Q enters just perfectly the @-sign. Using the AltGr key + Q the @-sign appears but the keybord seems to stuck. If you want to write any further some strange actions occur, like opening the Windows File Explorer, a save prompt oder closing a browser tab (each in depency which key you use after using the AltGr key). Only if you use CTRL + ALT in combination right after AltGr + Q (or any other key which special character you want to see) seems to break this.


Is there anything known so far? I recentley read that there are some updates for the RDS Web Client, but this doesn't match for an Azure hosted WVD environment, right?

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