WVD - access to on premise file shares - Newbie assistance please

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HI all, i have not used or deployed Windows virtual desktop before and asking for a bit of advice please

we have a client who has purchased  Microsoft 365 E3 licenses and now wants to use Windows Virtual Desktop as everyone is working remotely


They have the Azure Active Directory Connector which syncs with Azure/365 for user accounts


I know WVD is offered as part of their E3 license,

now to enable the WVD to access the on-premise file server / shares what do i need to deploy : ive not done this before so please be gentle

  create a site to site VPN Gateway - can i get away with a Basic VPN there are only 8 user is there anything else i would need to deploy

thanks for any assistance on this

kind regards




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Hi :) is not that easy to answer this question without information about your environment. But to start simple: when your user need access to your onprem filesserver (Windows?) than you need an direct IP connection from your Azure Network to your onprem network (is not really an wvd related topic) and  this can be a VPN Connection (Site to site).

VPN Gateway requires a Subnet called Gatewaysubnet - your vNet must have at least 2 Subnets
When VPN is connected than routing must be correct. this depends on your network deployment. With a single vnet it will work directly I guess..

If basic vpn is enough depends on your fileshare and the types of date and amount of data! maybe you can use Azure files or sharepoint / teams