Wrong scaling when using web WVD in full screen mode

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Hello everyone,


I'm using RVD services. If I connect to a machine using Remote Desktop app, everything works like a charm. However, if I use this link (with Firefox, Chrome or Edge) and turn Full screen on, it won't scale correctly and will show a vertical scroll.


Is there a way to avoid this?


Best regards.

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Have you verified if the scaling issues when connecting via browser is also happening from other computers. If so it may be something related to the WVD setup itself or If it only happens on 1 computer its likely not a WVD setting but more of a graphics issue or something specific to that computer.

What Display settings do you have configured for the host pool under the RDP properties?

Hello @JeremyWallace,


Thank you for your quick answer. It happens with all the computers, with 4:3 and 16:9 screens. You can see it in the screenshot attached. It's stranfge, because if you use Remote Desktop application it won't happen.


I'm not sure about the display settings configuration for the host pool, I'll check if I can find it out.


Best regards.

Hello @JeremyWallace,


Is there any kind of solution to my problem?


Last Remote Desktop version works like a charm, but we'd also like to connect using a modern web browser (like Chromium-based Microsoft Edge) without that scroll. I'd been told that (sometimes) a horizontal scroll also appears.


Thanks in advance,


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I'm afraid there are problems as well when typing some non-standard characters such as @: if you don't use Control + Alt + 2 combo, your remote session is going to have problems if you use a web browser there.