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Is there a way to manage "Work accounts" in WVD? The page in Settings isn't available to add or remove Work accounts.


And if you add a second O365 email account to Outlook for instance the default settings would be to register a new "Work Account". You can verify this by typing the "dsregcmd.exe /status" command. But so far I've only found the GUI method to remove. And since the GUI page is not visible in WVD all I'm left with is to wipe the userprofile.



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@XxArkayxX When you say:

   "Is there a way to manage 'Work Accounts' in WVD?"

Do you mean:

   "Is there a way to manage 'Work Accounts' in Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session?"


Also, what is the scenario you're trying to accomplish? Is this for single users to logon to the VM or multiple users to logon to the VM at the same time?



Yes, "Is there a way to manage 'Work Accounts' in Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session?" is a better way of formulating the request. Multiple users logging on to the same VM.


The used case is simple. We've had certain users who've had the problem where Outlook needs a user password and the Microsoft Account pop-up is blank and disappears after a brief moment. In traditional Windows 10 setups this can be fixed by removing the "Work Account" and adding it again. In Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session that option isn't there. Removing the O365 credentials from credential manager doesn't do the trick either. The only thing I've found to work is re-creating the user profile but that doesn't seem efficient. 

I've had a similar issue at a client, when I disabled ADAL things started working again.
Of course this does not work when you need to use MFA for your WVD users.
Link to the topic here:



Yes, I was aware of this "fix". Unfortunately we indeed have users with MFA enabled. I know the "fix" on fat clients is to remove and re-add the work-account but that doesn't sound like a fix either, more of a bandaid. I'd be very interested to learn the basic mechanics behind the Mondern Authentication and where it goes haywire.


I'm surprised  this issue isn't causing more ruckus. WVD Win10 Multi User with Outlook (even with MFA) shouldn't be that rare, should it?

@XxArkayxX : I agree with you, in that this is odd in that it hasn't surfaced with many other customers. A few more questions:

- Is the "MFA" with Outlook through Microsoft Intune?

- Which version of Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session are you using? (Version 1809, Version 1903)?


I'll circulate this a bit more with my team to see what else we can do.