Windows Virtual Desktops Preview - Remote App Not Published

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Hi to all!


I have all my Azure Windows Virtual Desktops working but when i try to publish some RemoteApps it doesn't show anything on the webclient or the client.


It says me that my feed contains 0 app(s), 1 desktop

i clic on update to refresh this but still cannot get the Remote App published


I create the RemoteApp with this powershell commands:


Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl ""
New-RdsAppGroup TENANTNAME POOL AdministratorApp -ResourceType "RemoteApp"
Get-RdsStartMenuApp TENANTNAME POOL AdministratorApp
New-RdsRemoteApp TENANTNAME POOL AdministratorApp -Name "Google Chrome" -AppAlias googlechrome
Get-RdsRemoteApp TENANTNAME POOL AdministratorApp
On the last command it appears Google Chrome but on the WebClient or the normal client for WVD it doesn't appear.
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Hi Manuel,


My understanding is as follows: In order to see the published apps you will have to add a user to your newly created AppGroup. Unfortunately at this time the same user can't be in two different App Groups so you will have to choose if they have access to published apps or published desktops.


You can use the following commands to add and remove users from different AppGroups:

Add-RdsAppGroupUser <Tenant> <HostPool> <AppGroup> <UPN>

Remove-RdsAppGroupUser <Tenant> <HostPool> <AppGroup> <UPN>



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