Windows Virtual Desktops - Audio / Video Calls with Teams / Zoom

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Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with making and receiving both audio and video calls via Teams or Zoom when on a Windows Virtual Desktop VM?
How was the audio? Crisp and clear or crackling / faded?
How was the video? Did it stream well or was there a lot of lag and buffering?
Thanks for any information you can give!
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We've made improvements to Microsoft Teams for Windows Virtual Desktop. Most importantly, Windows Virtual Desktop now supports audio and video optimization for the Windows Desktop client. Redirection improves latency by creating direct paths between users when they use audio or video in calls and meetings. Less distance means fewer hops, which makes calls look and sound smoother. Please try it out and visit below for more detail:

@Soo Kuan Teo Thanks for the link, I've read through that.


What about Zoom?  WHat have you seen in terms of working with it?

@Soo Kuan Teo 


You have made improvements but they don't work and support have no idea how to getting it working.

Install Teams Machine wide.
Install WebRTC driver.
Access WVD from a supported client (ATM only Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on Windows 10 is supporterd)

We recently move to WVD. We move to this environment, because Team and Zoon will work in WVD.

But , We are very disappointed.   Non of the application worked. All the staff are very unhappy. System is very slow and chrome is keep crashing.