Windows Virtual Desktop - Your computer can't connect to Remote Desktop Gateway server

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I have successfully deployed WVD to my MSDN tenant following the steps 1 and 2 in and - I stopped during Step 2 at the optional components.  


I have deployed a Windows 10 Multi User desktop and when I login with the user that I gave access to during the setup I see the Icon for my "Session desktop" but when I try to launch I get the following error message.  "Your computer can't connect to Remote Desktop Gateway server.  Contact your network administrator for assistance."

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Here's a curious thing about that.


I'm a Global Admin and Owner of the subscription. I was able to access the first VM via the web and new RDP client subscription. The subsequent 4 VMs cannot be accessed by me and the last 2 do not show up when I run the Get-RDSSessionHost command.


If I use the old traditional RDP client I can access the VMs.

I got everything working for us a few weeks back I setup as much as I could in advance in Powershell and made sure AZ domain services was running well and everything now works as intended. @GuyPaddock 



Okay, we don't have AZ Domain Services configured. I noticed that the last 4 VMs I created don't show up in Azure AD under devices. I was talking to my lead Sys Admin about setting up AZ Domain Services and he said it's not needed because we have that role enabled on the DCs that are hosted in Azure. I think we do need to have that configured. 

What are your thoughts?


@whitelines I have the same issue. A user account source from on-premises AD synchronised to Azure AD can not connect. The account can login to the VM locally. But if we try via the Web Client the "Open connection" fails. This is a sample error:



PS C:\Users\joakim.westin> Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities -ActivityId 221789b4-3a84-4384-a25d-7040583f0000

ActivityId        : 221789b4-3a84-4384-a25d-7040583f0000
ActivityType      : Connection
StartTime         : 2019-09-18 09:24:17
EndTime           : 2019-09-18 09:24:23
UserName          :
RoleInstances     : rdwebclient;mrs-eus2r1c002-rdgateway-prod::RD0003FFF895CE;mrs-eus2r1c002-rdbroker-prod::RD0003FF45DB51;≤≥
Outcome           : Failure
Status            : Completed
Details           :
LastHeartbeatTime : 2019-09-18 09:25:54
Checkpoints       :
Errors            :



what I see in the detailed logs is that the users SID is not the same as expected. 

PS C:\Users\joakim.westin> (Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities -ActivityId 221789b4-3a84-4384-a25d-7040583f0000 -Detailed).Errors

ErrorSource       : RDBroker
ErrorOperation    : OrchestrateSessionHost
ErrorCode         : -2146233088
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedUserSIDInformationMismatch
ErrorMessage      : User SID information in the database 'S-1-5-21-266129286-189420813-3044514089-5660' does not match S
                    ID information returned by agent 'S-1-5-21-1829173068-3133025792-290102247-1262' in the orchestration reply.. This scenario is
                    not supported - we will not be able to redirect the user session.
ErrorInternal     : False
ReportedBy        : RDGateway
Time              : 2019-09-18 09:24:22


So the question then becomes: What could be causing this? We have a local AD that is synchronizing to Azure AD. And we also have Azure AD Domain Services.... Anyone have any ideas?


hi, @ray077


 You mentioned that WVD is not supported Proxy configurations yet.

Do you have any information about now? Is there any improvement ?

I have a customer who are going to  start WVD PoC next month.



@Joakim Westin I spent some time on this a couple weeks ago and wrote a blog post about it.  Basically, per MS documentation, only Azure AD sourced users are supported if the Session Host is Azure AD Domain Services joined.  If users are sourced from Windows AD, the Session Host must be Windows AD joined.

@Travis Roberts  @Joakim Westin : As an update, we now support Azure AD Domain Services with users sourced from either Windows Server AD (hybrid) or Azure Active Directory (cloud).

@Christian_Montoya That's great news.  It also means I need to make some updates.  

I have deployed my WVD environment usind domain controller . My deployment is successfull but I am unable to get inside my hostpool. I also checked if my users are synced properly and that is also working fine . I checked the diaognostics activities also through the powershell, it is stating that it is unable to sync the users and i.e the users do not exists in my directory, but everything is working fine and there is no problem with my domain controller.@Christian_Montoya Following is the screenshots attached:errorrr.PNGrdp error.PNG 

@sarahpotrick2573 : For the specific diagnostic activity you linked, it says that there's no healthy session host available. Can you run the following:

Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName>

I have session hosts available and i am able to RDP into it, but when i go to the remote desktop web client or remote desktop client software, I am not able to open the hostpool as it is showing me the error that i have mentioned above@Christian_Montoya 

@sarahpotrick2573 : Can you run the cmdlet above to see the state of your session hosts?


Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName>

Hi @Christian_Montoya 

am facing similar issue as well:

PS C:\> Get-RdsSessionHost wvdhotmail wvdhost01

SessionHostName :
TenantName : wvdhotmail
TenantGroupName : Default Tenant Group
HostPoolName : wvdhost01
AllowNewSession : True
Sessions : 0
LastHeartBeat : 4/18/2020 3:00:28 AM
AgentVersion : 1.0.1800.1300
AssignedUser :
OsVersion : 10.0.18363
SxSStackVersion : rdp-sxs200326004
Status : Available
UpdateState : Succeeded
LastUpdateTime : 4/17/2020 7:42:30 AM
UpdateErrorMessage :


can't connect with web client OR RDP client