Windows Virtual Desktop Web Client opposed to Desktop Client Client Data/Auth Flow Changes

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Hi guys,


We have several WVD and RDS farms that i have noticed a trend and wanted to get some clarification.


When an application is launched via the HTML5 Web client for WVD or RDS, via the full desktop experience or RemoteApp, i have noted that the behavior is different than launching the same application in RDP, RDWEB or the WVD Desktop/Mobile Client. This seems to have to do with when applications are launched via the Web client, these applications cannot view the client source information. The logs should a blank Source IP Address. Where logins from the desktop client show the public IP of the source machine.


Many applications require some sort of verification for machine based licensing.


I do not see the difference in the logs in the session host, but perhaps the behavior is different when connecting to the Managed RDS Gateway hosted for the WVD Service?


Is there a way to allow connections from the HTML5 Web Client behave the same as they do within the Desktop or Mobile Application? Guess that is  my question.

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@Dcvander : Thanks for sending this our way. Can you clarify: Where are you expecting to see the client IP address? In the diagnostic activities (Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities)?


We definitely do want the experiences to be similar, so any additional information you can provide would be great!