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Is it possible to have more than one WVD tenant? If you have more than one do these need to be in the same Tenant Group?


We currently have a Tenant in a Tenant Group in a Dev Subscription. I would like to know if I have to remove this before creating our new 'Production Tenant' in a new Azure Subscription.



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@HandA: You can have more than one Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) tenant. Those tenants are part of the default tenant group automatically. When you WVD tenant, you specify an Azure AD tenant where you manage users who will be connecting.

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Can multiple WVD tenants live in the same subscription? And even more, can you link each WVD tenant to another Azure AD tenant?

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@Thomas-DeWitte: You can have multiple tenants in the same subscription and you can  you can link each one to an Azure AD tenant that you are a TenantCreator for.

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