Windows Virtual Desktop Static IP

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How can i assign an internet static IP on WVD Host ? 

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@Giannis Aidinis : Do you mean on one of your virtual machines that are connected to the service? You can do this by going to Azure, finding the virtual machine that you created, then assigning it a public IP address since the virtual machine is in your subscription and in your control.

 @Christian_Montoya I think he meant "Windows Virtual Desktop" the new Azure feature ( I would like to know the same, is there any way to assign static IP to the group of WVD VMs or at least to each WVD VM?

@4egtfk , @Giannis Aidinis : What exactly would the Static IP address be used for? Is this for any communications out from the VMs when you have an active session and you're browsing the Internet, etc.? If so, I did find an article how outbound connections from a load balancer


However, we haven't tested this scenario. Would love to hear how it works for you, if this is what you're looking for and you implement this,.


Load balancer only supports 5 outbound rules. One outbound rule can only be attached to one NIC. An availability set only supports one load balancer.

Means, you can use a load balancer with outbound rules, if you have a maximum of 5 VMs in your hostpool. If you have more than 5, a load balancer with outbound rules does not works.