Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 edition workshop

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Last week (15-06 until 19-06), I was hosting a Technical Deep Dive on the Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 edition together with Bart Roels from Microsoft Belgium for all West-Europe partners from Microsoft. We started with a Presentation on Monday about the changes in the Spring 2020 edition. And from Tuesday till Friday, we hosted Hands-on Labs. During these Hands-on Labs, the attendees had to

  • create a custom image
  • deploy a WVD Workspace and Hostpool using the portal and ARM Templates
  • config a WVD Deployment in the portal and using Powershell
  • configure FSLogix on a fileserver
  • create an Azure FileShare to store the FSLogix profiles
  • configure MFA & RBAC
  • work with IGEL OS on HyperV or VirtualBox


The idea

Bart and I made the decision to make the entire Workshop available online, to everybody and to make it open-source!
This way, you can do it yourself, at your own pace, at the office with your co-workers.
But more importantly, you can also contribute! You can make changes, add topics or idea's so I (or the community) can make those manuals.


The workshop

You can find the entire workshop, with slides, video, links, tasks, everything, right over here:
As you can see, Bart made an shortlink, to make it even more easy for you to find it.


The source code

The page is a generated GitHub Page, and you can find the sourcecode here:

If you have great idea's, things you want to add, change, anything, let me know.
Create a fork, do your changes and create a Pull Request. This way, you help to make this workshop better for all.



We hope this helps! Please leave a comment below if you have questions or remarks.



Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 edition workshop 

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@michawets This is amazing!!! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to share all of this.  A great resource indeed!!

Thank you so much !!!! Great resource.