Windows Virtual Desktop Preview how do I sign up with existing azure account

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I am attempting to sign up for the windows virtual desktop preview. The sign up process is asking me to create a free azure account. I already have a azure account. How do I add a subscription for the preview to my existing account?



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@jturley  I would suggest working through the steps provided in the documentation.

If you follow it using your existing subscription you should find you can get it working.



I have but I am stuck at the step were I need a subscription id. I dont have one

@jturley  That's very odd, assuming you're able to create resources, VMs etc.  Then by clicking on any resource, say a virtual machine and then "properties" it should list the subscription ID those resources are assigned to.  Which one would presume would be the correct subsciption ID to use?

@James_Randall_1978Hi! Im in the process of setting up this too and Im also stuck at creating host pool. I have an Azure pay-as-you-go subsctiption and have created a tenant in PS using this guide. Now when attemptning the GUI part and I click on create I get a splash screen promting me to create a free Azure account?!? I DO have a subscription ID and used it to create my Virtual desktop tenant. I got through the PS part withour errors and have waited several Days between attemting to continue.