Windows Virtual Desktop Management Interface

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I like that there's a management interface for Windows Virtual Desktop now. However, it doesn't appear to show previous host pools you've already built prior to this new feature. I wonder when will they make it available or let us know how to make them show up?!

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I have exactly the same issue! Seems kind of crazy that existing pools don't show up in the GUI. Microsoft, please fix this or tell us how to add items to the admin GUI. Thanks!

@CitrixGoddess  Same issue for me in all tenant! Great to have this but I would hope previously built pools can be made visible

This is happening to me as well.  I assume MS should be aware that no existing Host Pools (previously created in PS) are showing up.  Hopefully this is resolved soon! @CitrixGoddess 

MS is aware of this, and the tool is forthcoming. Not sure when, though. Check out this tweet:


@RichardBottiglieri Thanks!!!


For those who don't feel like going to twitter...the response is this...


Christiaan Brinkhoff
Replying to @BrianTimp @TypicalLawrence and @JimMoyle

The Windows Virtual Desktop spring update is based on ARM and the previous functionality of the service in the Azure Portal was non-ARM so pre-existing information will need to be migrated into the console using tools that Microsoft will be releasing shortly.



There will be a PowerShell cmdlet to convert previously created WVD resources to the new ARM objects.
There is a new PowerShell 6/7 module Az.DesktopVirtualization that is in the works



I just tried it and successfully moved the existing session hosts to the new host pool.