Windows Virtual Desktop host pool deployment error

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Hello All,


I'm trying to deploy a WVD Host pool, but it keeps failing on the same step. Anyone has any idea what the issue could be? I have attached a screenshot with the error step.


The Error is 

The Admin Username specified is not allowed.


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FYI : ID which i used for deployment has TenantCreator privileges.

We are having the same issue.



Yes, we have the same issue.  The provisioning fails on the desired state configuration.  The VM's are created in our AD and launched.  The end users that are assigned to the Pool are prevented from accessing them from either the web or client version.  The messages state no resources have been provisioned.  I have tried both the Windows 10 Mulituser image and the Server image.   The server image isn't current have has updates to apply as soon as it launched.  The image should be fresher.





We had opened a case with MS under Azure Support and they sent us here.


Is anyone monitoring these forums? (A little help over here) :)


I can even go to the market place and try to install this Extension manually to the VM it provisioned, it is right there.


Support was unable to give me the info to fill in that form for the DSC Extension, it's quite a bit of info. Note even sure why we have DSC anyway.....but clearly this is a script type issue with market place product we need help with. Not sure if some thing is down with the provisioning service or what.....


Standing by and super pumped to try Azure Win10 VM!

Yes we too raised a case with Microsoft but they would not be supported the features which are in public preview and closed the same.

Hi karthikkumarpk1983

Did you find solution. I have the same issue.