Windows Virtual Desktop Core Limitations?


Hello Tech Community, 


I am reaching out on behalf of my customer XYZ regarding a concern about Windows Virtual Desktop Core Limitations. 


We want to deploy a Windows VD on Azure using an N-Series Machine but are concerned about the following: 

  •  Core Limitations on a product that is in Public Preview
  •  Functionality as it relates to network requirements

If anyone has some more valuable insights on this, it would be greatly appreciated!




Jaxxon Anderson 

Azure Inside Sales Representative 

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@jaander: We strongly recommend to test your scenarios now :)! N-Series as any other type is supported with Windows Virtual desktop. When choosing the region to host your VM we recommend to place them in a US region closer to the infrastructure to reduce the latency. 


When running into issues come back to this forum.

@Eva Seydl


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question! You're amazing!