Windows Multi Session image contains old version of Fslogix

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When using the Windows Multi-session images (Windows Multi-session + Microsoft 365 apps, example Windows 11 22H2) from the marketplace  it contains an old version of Fslogix ( 2201 hotfix 1 2.9.8171.14983). 

This version contains al sort of bugs and issues. 
Why does the image not contain the newest version of Fslogix?


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Hi MathieuVandenHautte,

I'm aware of the issues with new version of Fslogix. The issue is that when we use a old version of Fslogix, there are some problems with using Intune and AVD (Multi-session).
Intune does not currently support token roaming functionality between device. The first supporter Fslogix version is FSLogix v2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276).

It's a bit strange: Microsoft advice is to manage AVD with Intune and use Fslogix as profile solution but they deliver an unsupported situation when using an AVD multi-session image from the marketplace.

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Hi @Brian2225,

We surfaced your question during today's episode of AMA: Windows in the Cloud - August 23, 2023. Please see the panel's answer at around 42:40.

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Thank you very much for answering my question during the episode of AMA: Windows in the Cloud - August 23, 2023.