Windows Client for Spring 2020 update - Using the May update of the client


For those of you validating the Spring 2020 update, we have released the May update (version 1.2.1026) of the Windows client (MSRDC) which now provides the ability to subscribe to a Workspace using a URL, similar to the other remote desktop clients.


To subscribe to Spring update resources, select Subscribe with URL from the main page and provide the following URL: It is also recommended that you setup email discovery which can help users find the URL by entering their email address. Using this method removes the need to first consent to the Fall 2019 client and server apps.


Using this version, selecting Subscribe from the main page of the client will still fail during AAD authentication if you have not provided consent for Fall 2019. This is an issue we plan to address in the June release of the client by updating the way we do automatic discovery of a users resources from their work or school account.

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@David Belanger Thanks for the update, can you please help what is the solution/process to achieve the regional DR for WVD services. 

@chhabrag Check out the comment on 


" Got information that WVD team is working on document for business continuity and disaster recovery best practices for WVD. The document will be published soon (tentative timelines are 3 weeks from now)."

@David Belanger 

This version seems to have the same issue I have seen in all other versions I have tried in which once conditional access time expires the user gets the popup to authenticate again. If they choose their account in the list it loops over and over but never lets them enter any credentials. In logs I can see "Sign-in error code: 70044" and a Failure Reason of "The session has expired or is invalid due to sign-in frequency checks by conditional access." Yet if the user just clicks "Use another account" then they can login fine.

@willk412 Thank you for reporting this issue. The AAD team is investigating this issue which looks to be server side.

This issue still exists. I don't see this as an issue listed anywhere to track when it might be fixed.

@David Belanger 


Does the AAD team have an update on this issue for the WVD remote desktop client?

Conditional Access session controls for "Sign-in frequency" only support the following apps;

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online
  • OneNote Online
  • O365 Admin portal
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Teams web client
  • Dynamics CRM Online
  • Azure portal


We may need to turn off this setting for Windows Virtual Desktop until the client is supported.