Windows 7 Client Connection Issue

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Version: MRD 1.2.945.0 (x64) 

OS : Windows 7 SP1 


For all our windows 7 clients, we immediately receive an error "your computer was unable to connect to the remote computer".  Feeds load correctly and refresh correctly.  Reset works correctly.  Process explorer does not register any TCP/IP connection attempts when monitored.  Attempt repair of .NET 4.8.  Windows 10 machines work perfectly.  Happy to send etl files via private channel.   Windows 7 client are attempting to use remote office apps running on windows 10 multi-session.  

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@panovattack Could you collect your client Logs and send it over for us to check the failure reason.


Either that or send us (private msg ) your UPN. 

You could also try updating one of your client machines with this Security Update that has helped a few other clients (I cant be sure until I see the Error you are getting from Logs/Diagnostics)

@abuZ  can you help me with this same issue? It is only occuring with windows 7 SP1 machines, and is the same issue to what @panovattack was describing. 


We have installed 1.2.1104.0 on the machines. I can zip some logs up for you. Have you had anyone else with this particular issue? I will also look at that security update.

To update on this, if you update windows 7 to the "convenience pack", It finally works. I've tested this on one machine, will check back if it works on another that only has sp1 on and no updates


Edit: Can confirm, you cant have windows 7 with just service pack one. Look for the addon update pack, it will work after you install.