Windows 365 Connection Issue

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Hi Team,

I have completed my testing on these 2 Azure Virtual Desktop Features for watermarking and screen capture protection on Windows 365 Cloud PCs. We've made MFA mandatory for users.


MFA does not support the Windows Desktop App connections (Remote Desktop Client, Azure Virtual Desktop Preview, and Windows 365 App) for the Windows 365 Cloud PCs.


Watermarking and Screen Capture Protection do not support Web Browser connections (Ex: Google Chrome).


In this way, there is no option to use MFA with Watermarking and Screen Capture Protection. If there is a point that I have overlooked about this issue, what method should I follow?


I look forward to your suggestions regarding the issue.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @msosmanalp!

We surfaced your question during today's episode of AMA: Windows in the Cloud - August 23, 2023. Please see the panel's answer at around 07:40.

I left a reply with details about the subject under the share. In short, MFA prevents connection via Desktop Apps.