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we have been trying to get windows 11 multi session search index working for a few weeks now without success.  We are using the latest gallery image and configuring fslogix profile and office containers (not enabling search roaming) 

at logon a user session shows that search index is not running.  The search service itself is running in services.  Attempting to view search index status as a user just shows the search index dialogue box with a message saying trying to connect or trying to get status or something along those lines.  

If we then restart the search index service as an admin while the user is logged on the search then starts working for them but only for that session duration, once they logout and log back on again th e search index again says it’s turned off and has a hyperlink to turn it back on which again just shows a status of connecting but no actual search info.  It’s like the service is running on the system but the user search index is failing for individual


this is only an issue with the enterprise windows 11 multi session, we have no issues with windows 10 multi session and the fslogix config is exactly the same.  

has anyone had this same issue and is there something special that needs to be configured for windows 11?  We are also using the latest fslogix from January.  Thanks 


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Is no one using windows 11 multi session right now ?
We have the same issue as you described! Been waiting for a fix!
At least I’m not the only one then! :) do you have a ticket open with MS?
Have a ticket open and had a call with MS today to gather all logs procmon etc since I can reproduce the issue 100%. First logon always works but after that it’s broken. It’s seems like not all parts of the user search data is roaming with the profile container. Restarting the search service while a user is logged in you can see the files which are missing being recreated and then search works again but only for the logged on session.
Successfully tested private fix from MS which has resolved our issue, not sure on GA for the fix yet

We have the same issue, hope that microsoft can fix asap

@steveturnbull1975 I had an open ticket with MS but was not able to find a fix. Can you share the solution?

It’s a private fix download I received from the support person. Ask them for the same fix as in support ticket 2303010040007683
we also got the fix, unfortunately it did not help. After logging in again, the search index service stopped again.
that’s annoying. It’s good for our issue we’ve been using it this week without any problems so far.

maybe we had a other fix?
Our steps:
-fresh win11 multisession vm created
-updates installed
-bcdedit /set testsigning on (sec boot off)
-fix Windows11.0-KB999999-x64-InstallForTestingPurposesOnly.exe installed
-search index was running
-logoff and relogin : search indexings stopps again

That’s the same we are using fslogix profile containers. I didn’t have to create a new vm though, just set the mode and installed the fix, I may have done a second reboot after installing the fix.
Just tried it again on another image I created last night where search was broken. After applying the fix it’s working again after logging on/off a few times
I test it with a vm that serves as a golden master. There is no fslogix installed yet and no host was generated with it.
Is that just with a machine joined to the domain vanilla market place gallery image without any apps installed ? I’m using 22H2 build
Response from MS Support:
"...thank you very much for trying the private fix! However, as mentioned earlier, we have encountered a known issue with this version of Windows 11 Multi Session. The issue has already been escalated internally at Microsoft and the product group is working on it in the meantime. As soon as we get the final result, we will be happy to share the final solution with you.

Even the same issue in the ticket you mentioned has not been resolved yet and that was the same test fix you got yesterday."
Anyone heard anymore about this? I have Windows 11 VMs with fslogix and seem to have the same issue.
ETA for fix was originally end of May now pushed to end of June. If you have a Microsoft support contract you can complete a business impact form, I’ve done this. Microsoft are aware of the issue and will expect more and more customers to start reporting on it as people look to move from Windows 10. They also have a private fix you can test on your environment.
do you guys have search indexing enabled or disabled, waiting for this fix to drop from M$