Windows 11 Multi session + Outlook Monthly -Search menu apps and hidden apps in taskbar unresponsive

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I have another odd issue that only affects Windows 11 Multi Session and not Windows 10 Multi Session.  This is the same problem with Citrix or just via RDP.


When using Windows 11 MultiSession and Office Monthly Channel (this issue does not occur with Office semi-annual) the search menu apps (click start menu and go to search bar and view apps or search for them) works fine and also the hidden icons/apps in the taskbar pop-up also are fully functional as expected, until you load outlook! 


Once you load outlook (and do not open any email just leave it open) then the apps within the search menu although they can be seen and search works, they cannot be selected or left/right click on.  The same is for the hidden icons/apps in the taskbar pop-up on windows 11.  


If you close outlook everything returns to normal functionality.  If you open outlook again its broken.  You can also fix this by opening an email in outlook, by double clicking on it or show it in preview mode, and it's also fixed by changing display screen, such as going from a windowed RDP/Citrix session to full screen.  The issue returns again when outlook is closed and re-opened.


This only seems to affect Outlook, all other office apps are fine.  There was a similar issue with Citrix Workspace app on Windows 11, which required a reg key to disable hw acceleration so possibly Windows 11 has some graphical HW acceleration issues for certain apps when its a VM.  However office no longer appears to have the option to disable hw acceleration and that might not be the issue anyway.


Has anyone worked with Windows 11 Multi Session and Office M365 monthly channel? does this issue also happen?





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submitted support ticket, held call with MS escalation, who are going to raise the issue at their next review session.