Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session broken by EN-GB Language pack.

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We have recently run into an issue where changing the language on Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session to English United Kingdom prevents RDP access to the VM. Specifically, when copying language defaults for ‘Welcome Screen and New User accounts settings’.



The change appears to damage the Windows Defender Firewall service and prevents inbound RDP traffic (It actually blocks all inbound traffic). The issue is easily reproducible.  This is preventing new AVD master images from being created (in the UK at least).


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Have you reinstalled the LCU after you installed the language pack?

See recommendation in the documentation.
After you install a language pack, you have to reinstall the latest cumulative update (LCU). If you do not reinstall the LCU, you may encounter errors. If the LCU is already installed, Windows Update does not offer it again. You have to manually install the LCU.

This has been driving me batty, I thought I was going strange! Hoping the LCU reinstall does it!

I'm having the exact same issue, but with the dutch language.
It's driving me crazy, but think the issue is with the image.

If someone else have a solution, let us know!

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