Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktop Language issues

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Hi all,


I will try to explain the behaviour of the issue's we are experiencing with a Virtual Machine with the Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktop image.


We are deploying a VM through Azure Marketplace and we are choosing the Windows 10 multi-session image (1809/1903/1909). After the VM is created we are logging in with the local administrator account.


Everything is working as expected.


Now we want to add another display language, we can do this multiple ways (1. cab and appx files, 2. Through the settings menu, via the microsoft store).


The language will be added and we can configure this language to be the default language. After we logoff and logon again the following is happening.


1) Search in startmenu is not working anymore (in the eventlog there is an event where cortana search is crashing) will provide the details later.

2) Microsoft Edge will not display the navigation buttons but instead just squares, when we click on a menu item Edge is crashing.

3) In the language settings menu there is some strange text like Regional Settings is filled with the letter j. Errors with %1 in the text.


When we reconfigure the default language to English, everything is working again.


This behaviour is for all languages and all WVD images.


When deploying the normal Windows 10 Enterprise everything is working as expected with the languages. No strange errors.


Am I missing something where we should apply a different configuration for the languages on the Windows 10 Multi User?


Thank you in advance!


With kind regards


Stefan Dingemanse

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Hi Stefan,


I am experiencing the same issue. There was however an update which fixed the search (CU Nov 2019).

Still experiencing issues with setting the keyboard format for my users, all registry settings are telling that I am using Azerty but when a user logs in, they get 2 keyboard layouts (ENG is default while AZERTY was set as default for the whole image).


My users need to switch keyboards every morning now...

@knowlite Sorry, I didn't have the time to update this thread.


Indeed it looks like the issue's have been fixed with some updates. With the latest build 535 the issues with the Edge browser and Startmenu are fixed.


@knowlite Can you explain what settings for the keyboard you have done, I can test this for you in my environment.

I installed the dutch language pack on the 1909 image and set azerty (belgian period) as only keyboard. Applied settings to all new user profiles and sysprepped the install.

When the desktop was deployed, every user has ENG as default keyboard and also an azerty as second choice. If i log in as admin I can only see azerty in my available keyboard layouts (via settings, language) although ENG is also shown at the right bottom keyboard switch.

Looking through registry settings I can only see nl-BE as a language and keyboard layout so I wonder where this qwerty keyboard is coming from?

Hello @knowlite 

I deployed AVD, and I can see the same issues with Windows 11.
Sometimes, keyboard layout switch to layout which was disabled..
Best regards,

Also having the same issue. Windows 11 Multi User and clients wanting to input into published app with their local language but not an option.