Win10 Multisession switched to 'enterprise" edition???

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I have 10 Azure VDI hosts in a hostpool.  All of these hosts were built from the same image using the Windows 10 multi-session image as a base.  A few days ago, clients started reporting that they couldn't sign in with the Remote Desktop Client, but were prompted that another user was already signed in.


I logged in to each host and ran "slmgr /dlv" from an elevated command prompt.  Three (out of ten) of the VDI hosts report the "name" as Windows(R) Enterprise Edition.  These hosts show "not activated".  These are also the hosts that have been exhibiting the strange behavior.  Attempting to activate them manually fails.


The rest of the hosts (that are working) report "name" as Windows(R), ServerRdsh edition.  They function normally and are successfully activiated.


Any idea how the "type" of license SWITCHED from multi-session to single-session?

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