Win 10 2004 Multi-Session problem

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Hi All,


Looking to see if anyone has run into this.


I just created a new Win10 Multi-Session VM based on the 2004+Apps template in the marketplace. I can connect via Bastion & RDP just fine with the local admin. I join it to the domain and reboot. I can still connect via Bastion & RDP with local admin, but when I login with a domain account the VM crashes and bug checks.


The computer object is in an OU with zero GPOs applying. I also deployed it twice and the same thing happened.


When I deployed a 1909 VM it seemed to work fine.


One thing that might complicate matters.... I don't actually have a license for WVD as I just started playing with it today and haven't bought a license yet. But I can't imagine that the lack of a license would cause the VM to crash/reboot.


But one thing that does point that way is if I create an NSG that blocks access to the Internet then I am able to login with my domain account.


I did see a thread talking about the RDP-sxs issue and tried the registry key work-around, but it didn't help.


Anyone seen anything similar or have any ideas for me?



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