Where is the new WVD management interface?


I attended the online webinar "Accelerate Your Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment" last week and they had some new interface in Azure for easily managing the WVD environment, and also showing how you could add AD groups to host pools.   

Is that out yet or how can I add it to tenant? 


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@Jgq85 We never got our WVD management interface to work.  There were some bug when we tried it and it kept messing up the deployment.  We ended up using powershell.  It is fast and straight forward.  I suggest you contact MS Fast Track team and they are helpful in getting your started.  Overall, the powershell is easy to deploy.  All the documentation are online WVD site.  

@delcemt I believe that's still in private preview. It's not expected to formally roll out until CY20 Q3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=Windows%20Virtual%20Desktop