WhatsApp on Azure Virtual Desktop Multi User Session

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Has anyone deployed WhatsApp into an Azure Virtual Desktop environment.  


Struggling to obtain the firewall ruleset if anyone has been through this process before?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Redsman,


You can allow connections to the destination ports such as:

- TCP: 4244, 50318, 5222:5223, 5228, 5242, 59234

- UDP: 3478, 34784, 45395, 50318, 50522, 59234, 7173


WhatsApp uses a a lot of IP's and FQDNs for all kinds of underlying services, so filtering at this level will be hard or even impossible to do and to keep current in the future.


You can always try to do a packet capture with WireShark to get all the information at this time and location.


What is the location? Below is the IP address for US:



  • 2a03:2880:f203:1c1:face:b00c:0:167