What are your Per-User / Per-Month AVD costs?

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Just curious for those that have multisession AVD environments - what does your per-user per-month costs end up being?

We have one use case right now, and it's like $20/user/month. The image is pretty lean.

I'd just like to see if our costs are in the range of others or if we're on the lower/higher end.

Also - is anyone using Reserved Instances with AVD? With our Autoscaling, I'm finding that it doesn't make sense to purchase RI's.

Finally - anyone using Azure Savings Plan?


Thanks for your time!



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Cost of multi-session AVD environments varies based on a number of factors, including the size and configuration of the virtual machine instances, the number of users, and the amount of usage. The cost you mentioned ($20/user/month) sounds relatively standard for a lean setup.
Reserved Instances (RI) and Azure Savings Plan, it depends on the specific usage patterns and workloads of the AVD environment. For some users, RI may be a cost-effective option, while others may prefer the flexibility of an autoscaling setup without RI.
You cost mileage might vary based on the organizational practices and good/bad habits formed on the existing solution by the end-users. Whether you want to make drastic solution changes to end-user habits etc. Plus it will depend once the environment gets large performing maintenance cost needs to be included.

If you know the environment is pretty static, you should always go with RI as that will reduce the cost significantly.


RI is always preferred in terms of cost saving when resource usage are steady