Web cam stops working two seconds into teams call on wvd

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So i can have my camera open on teams while not in a call and this will work indefinietly, however after 2 seconds of a video call the camera freezes, i can still see remote user, Tried different camera, also increase redirection options for the Hostpool to allow all items. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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It freezes and says something went wrong unplug and reconnect webcam
We are experiencing the same issue, but this seems only to effect the latest WVD client version.

Rolling back to version 1.2.1844 the camera disconnects no longer occur.
since my reply I have just updated to 1.2.1954.0 and a laptop cam worked, however a hd cam was intermittent but whereas when it broke last week i couldnt do anything to get it back, unsharing cam and reshare brought it back online. there also maybe an element of Internet speed at my current location but this what was not an issue, last week when i tested.