VMs Created when Creating New Host Pool Aren't in Pool

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I've created a golden image in accordance with Create an Azure Virtual Desktop golden image | Microsoft Docs and sysprepped it IAW Generalize a VM before creating an image - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs


When I create a pooled Host Pool with the golden image, and create VMs as part of that process, the VMs get created however they aren't in the pool.


The image is based on the Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, version 21H2 + Microsoft 365 Apps - Gen 2.


Customizing the image, I remove unnecessary pre-installed apps like Windows Mail and install a few other apps like Adobe Reader. Nothing fancy.


If I RDP directly into one of the VMs as admin, it is named properly and joined to the domain as defined when creating the pool.


What am I missing?


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Checking the VM created from the golden image, it looks like the appropriate services are running:



The appropriate apps seem to be installed:


The registry key mentioned in (Solved) Investigating issue with Windows 10 Enterprise (multi-session), version 2004 - Microsoft Te... is also there.



There were no error codes on creating the pool that I saw.