VM Connection very often gets disconnected

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I'm seeing a lot of disconnects in my hostpools. 

Just in the last 24 hours, a user had the following

The connection from the client to the Windows Virtual Desktop service was terminated unexpectedly. (24 times)

The network connection between the Windows Virtual Desktop client and the service was unexpectedly interrupted. (50 times)


So far the Azure infrastructure is good. No issues with the session hosts. This issue is affecting 20 users out of 700. 

Is there any way I can investigate deeper to get more knowledge on what is going on? The LogAnalytics is only giving partial information

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Same here, users being disconnected several times a day, randomly, and targeting most of our users.

Receiving the same error with an associated error code -2147467259, every time the issue happens for a user, there are two logs entries generated, absolutely identical. No more luck to understand what is behind.

I had an incident opened by MS support to get more but haven't been contacted yet.

Any news on this?  I have just about the same issue.  Users in the US and India.  If session goes idle for more than an error, user can't reconnect and has to be logged out.


Log Analytics show a high rate of "The network connection between the Windows Virtual Desktop client and the service was unexpectedly interrupted."



Are you using a NAT gateway in your network?
I get the same error. MS Support is saying that is the ISP, but a lot of users are using the same ISP and no issues.
No. No NAT. Internet is routed via Microsoft. I have a a peering to my hub VNET to access on-prem
Hi Nicolas,

Are all AVD URLs available? You can check it by using the following link:



All. I don't have a firewall and the VNET is open to the Azure outbound connection. 95% of users can work with no issues. Is the 5% that is giving issues.
What is different about that 5%?
Same hostpool, same network configuration... And even for some same ISP. And when I check on the log analytics this is the error "The network connection between the Windows Virtual Desktop client and the service was unexpectedly interrupted"
Do these users use Thinclients/Laptops/Desktops? What Remote Desktop client do they use?



Double reply. Sorry for that, correct one posted below.

Hello @nicolasriderelli 

We had struggles with this issue for one of our customers for quite a while.
1 hostpool with 4 AVD-hosts, ca 50 users.
A mix of both Remoteapps and Full Desktop. Not every user had the issue, but at least half of them suffered from it every other day, multiple times a day.

We found that when you install ”Remote Desktop Client” on a PC, there is a Scheduled Task created that refreshes your AVD feed every 4 hours or so.



And when looking in Azure Insights Monitor I could see that some of the users got the: ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)  error exactly 4 hours apart. But some had it more frequently. It was not adding up..

Seems like when you close MSRDC, and the scheduled task runs, it also tries to update MSRDC if there’s an update available.

The customer who had this issue were not local admins on their computers. So if they had closed the MSRDC window and the Scheduled task ran, they would get disconnected with no warnings or error messages. And Azure Insight Monitoring would capture the ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)  error with the same timestamp as the scheduled task had been executed.

So our solution was the following:

We did not make the users local admins on their computers, but we reinstalled Remote Desktop Client and choose the ”per-user” option (Install only for me) instead of the ”per-machine” install as we had done before.
And then we created a GPO with the registry Key>
Name: AutomaticUpdates
Value: 2

The customer has not had the issue since. And the MSRDC client autoupdates with no issues even that the users are not local admins.
Hope this can help others out there.

Laptops. Last update of the client
Thanks @FBacke! Ill try with solution! Thanks for sharing this in detail!
Are you on Windows 11 AVD by any chance? I'm getting many disconnected sessions on this.

The error message we get is:
"Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."

Currently we are doing more testing and we have a case with Microsoft, but so far we haven't gotten a solution. However ours seems to be Windows 11 related.
Nope. Just Win10 Vms
Hi. Did you get anywhere with this? I have some users experiencing this too in UK South.

Unfortunately not. We are going to roll out Windows 10 session hosts for the impacted customers, since we are experiencing more problems on 11 AVD than just the random disconnects.

I have been able to do some short testing with a newer recent deployment of Windows 11 multi-sesion in AVD, where I am not getting any disconnects so far with my testing method. But I haven't done enough testing to conclude that it might have been fixed with a newer version of the W11 AVD image.

Do you perhaps happen to use the WebRTC redirector for the Microsoft Teams AVD optimisation?