Visual Glitching / Distortion with AVD RemoteApp Deployment

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So I am having this visual distortion and glitching in a RemoteApp I am deploying through Azure (Virtual Desktop.) It is not really possible to deploy this to my users.


I have tried everything under the sun:

RemoteFX: I have tried disabling, and I have tried every compression setting under the sun. This DOES resolve this visual glitching issue but causes a slew of other issues and doesn't work well with other apps that will be available on the same session host

Bitmap Caching: Having bitmap caching on seems to make it a bit worse but having it off doesn't resolve.

Various Display settings: Tried every single on available to us

Various redirected settings: Tried disabling all redirections, doesn't help

Session host/Base Machine Visual Effects Performance options: Tried turning off/on, doesnt help.




Looking for any assistance under the sun!


Thank you,

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Hi there.

We are having the same issues as you have here with several of our customers.

We have tested some of the same steps that you have and have tried to enable some GPOs for "Prioritize H.264/AVC 444 graphics mode for Remote Desktop Connections." I do not see that as a solution though, as some users are still experiencing issues.


What we do see, however, is that the client seems to be related to the matter. Reports have come in from many customers around the same time as the newest client was released.

Also, using the WebClient does not have the same issues as the locally installed client does.


I am afraid that the problem is a bug in the AVD client that needs to be addressed by Microsoft.

Thank you for the insight Fred. If this is a new thing atleast we will be able to look forward to and monitor for an update from the Microsoft Team.
We have experienced this issue with several of our customers. It seems to primarily affect those who use multiple monitors.
If they are using a single monitor, the issue may still arise but not as frequently.

What has resolved it for most of our customers that's having the issue is the following:
Locally on the user's computer, go to "c:\users\username\appdata\local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache" and delete the files located there.

This has eliminated the graphical glitches with lines for them.

Hope this can be of help :)