Virtual Network WVD

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Hi Guys,

Can we use Azure VNET ( S2S ) when creating a vdi host in wvd because issue is the azure vnet is grayed out and they all are in same region.

I checked the wvd document and they were more emphasising on hub- spoke model.

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@Bharat Chand Can you elaborate a little more? I am confused on what the ask is here. When deploying a there is no way that the VNET is grayed out every VM needs a VNET. No if you want you VMS to be in a separate VNET as long as those VMs can see the domain controller (via any kind of piering) it will work.

We have a vnet xyz which is connected to our on premises via S2S and when we creating a wvd host pool this vnet xyz is grayed out.

Is hub n spoke is the only way to deploy wvd host pool.
That is the mode we recommend. I am not sure on why S2S will prevent the arm template from picking up the VNET. When you manually create VM does it allow you to select xyz vnet.