Virtual Desktop in Azure change TimeZone (+UTC 01:00)

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Hello all,


I had set up Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure vor the Company 

everthing worked fine after a while and ist really a coo,l Thing!!



One Thing i cant find for days.. where i can adjust the Timezone Permanet (as Admin) 

If i Change the Time Zone to (UTC+01:00) after the next log in it switched Auto to (UTC)

and the Keyboardlayout also.





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@Martinlangof640 This powershell seemed to work for me!


$tz = Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable |Out-Gridview -Outputmode Single

Set-TimeZone -ID $tz.Id

Does this mean that you want to match the time zone between the VM and the operation source client?

In my case, I created a group policy according to this link.

@Eric Liebler 


It works!

Hey Eric thanks so much for your Reply , that easy Code saved my day it works and the timezone keeps now persist on the virtual desks




Hey thanks for the respond in my case this simle Code worked fine :

to Keep it persist


$tz = Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable |Out-Gridview -Outputmode Single

Set-TimeZone -ID $tz.Id


but your link is a great Projekt for me in the Future thanks!!

@Martinlangof640 Hi Guys!


Can you elaborate more on how this script works? I only see that opens a new dialog and that's it.


Did you set the new time and then run the script? What happened  when the user logs the next day to a different AVD?

When the grid opens up, select the time zone you wish to set then press OK. This will then pass the time zone object to the console with its ID then being accessed via $tz.Id