Virtual Desktop bluescreen

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Hi there,


As of today we've encountered two customers where their WVD Windows 10 multi-session host has crashed.

  • The first case was 2 weeks ago (Friday the 26th of June).
  • The second case happened this weekend (we believe it happened as the server rebooted on the 4th of July). 


  • When this happens, we can't get into the server at all. What we did to resolve this is to restore a snapshot from the day before it occurred. 
  • The first case has been running fine since restoring, which made us think it's just a rare incident. We couldn't reproduce the problem by searching for Windows Updates either.


We managed to get a screenshot using boot diagnostics, showing the bluescreen of the second case:



We've also collected a serial log with some further exception codes.


My question is:

Has anyone else experienced this same problem? Or can anyone help us track down the cause of this bluescreen? We haven't been able to find any significant events that may have caused this.

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Can you please open a support case with the dump? The default dump file after bluescreen is at %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP. The setting is at sysdm.cpl->Advanced->Startup and Recovery->Dump file.
Please also escalate the support case to product team and provide the link to this tech community conversation.

Did you ever find a solution to this? This is currently happening to me as well@tomdw