Version 10.2.1522 of the Windows Store client has been rolled out to 10% of users.


This morning we started the roll-out to release the August update of the Windows Store client (URDC), which should take up to a week to reach all users.


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Hi, i'm having many issues with this version:
- Video playback broken
- Audio on remote pc broken
- Keyboard layout (Language) not working properly

I'm using it to connect from a Windows 10 (1909) to a Windows 10 (1909). I was not having issues with the past version. I wonder what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance for any tips

@chgonzaleze  Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide a little more details on what you are seeing with the Video | Audio playback?


Can you also check if you are seeing the same issues in the Preview app?


Also, can you please file feedback in the Feedback Hub as well.




@Elina_Luthra I haven't been able to reproduce the Video issues anymore, i've been installing/uninstalling like crazy, but the Audio issue still persists (check attached image). Hovering on it, says: No audio output device is installed.


I¿m gonna check the preview app and let you know. 

@Elina_Luthra I can confirm Audio and Keyboard issues are not present on the Preview App.

I have one machine that has not yet received the update (still on 10.1.1215.0). Is the rollout taking longer than the originally anticipated 1 week?

@ttcgnx1968  Thanks for your comment. Yes, we want to make sure that the users are getting the best version of this new build so we have been carefully listening to the feedback and fixing some bugs along the way. We are currently at 20% roll-out this week. 




Hi @Elina_Luthra, I have now received the Windows Store update.


Do you know if it is going to be updated to allow you to add multiple accounts? I access several WVD environments across different domains.


The WVD desktop client was updated to allow this, so wondering if the Windows Store app will do too?


I get the attached message if I add the feed a second time.



@chgonzaleze We have made some updates, can you please make sure you are on the updated version and let me know if you are still seeing these issues?




@jmh_7 Thank you for your message. This feature is being worked on and will be available soon. 





@Elina_Luthra Is there a plan to support Teams media optimization on this client?  I like the idea of Windows S devices connecting to WVD, but need the Teams media optimization.

@patrick-h  Yes, this is in the works.