Version 1.2.790 of the Windows Desktop client for WVD has been released to all users!


This morning we released the March update of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) to all users.


The What’s New for this release will be available online soon:

  • Renamed the "Update" action for Workspaces to "Refresh" for consistency with other Remote Desktop clients.
  • You can now refresh a Workspace directly from its context menu.
  • Manually refreshing a Workspace now ensures all local content is updated.
  • You can now reset the client's user data from the About page without needing to uninstall the app.
  • You can also reset the client's user data using msrdcw.exe /reset with an optional /f parameter to skip the prompt.
  • We now automatically look for a client update when navigating to the About page.
  • Updated the color of the buttons for consistency.
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You can get on the Beta releases train, referred to as the Insiders user group to get releases 2 weeks early and provide feedback to ensure a smooth release. It's encouraged that all companies have some users on the Insiders group.


Follow the steps here to set the policy to switch the client to Insiders:


I just found out about this as it was a related conversation to another post. This and the virtual desktops within Windows are called the same thing. Will virtual desktops in Windows be renamed to workspaces, desks or spaces?