Version 1.2.787 of the WVD Windows Desktop (MSRDC) client released to Insiders.


If all looks good, this version will be released to all users on Tuesday 3/24.


Information on what’s new will be available at the URL below at 3:30PM but also listed for reference:


- Renamed the “Update” action for Workspaces to “Refresh” for consistency with other Remote Desktop clients.

- You can now refresh a Workspace directly from its context menu.

- Manually refreshing a Workspace now ensures all the local content is updated.

- You can now reset the client's user data from the About page without needing to uninstall the app.

- You can also reset the client's user data using msrdcw.exe /reset with an optional /f parameter.

- We now automatically look for a client update when navigating to the About page.

- Updated the color of the buttons for consistency.


Note: We are still hearing reports of customers having issues connecting after upgrading to some of the newer versions of the client. We are actively investigating and trying to figure out the issue. A fix is not yet included in this version.

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