Version 1.2.675 of the Windows client (MSRDC) released to all users!


We released the February update (version 1.2.675) of the Windows Desktop client to all users earlier today.


Here's What's new in this release:

  • Connections to Windows Virtual Desktop are now blocked if the RDP file is missing the signature or one of the signscope properties has been modified.
  • When a Workspace is empty or has been removed, the Connection Center no longer appears to be empty.
  • Added the activity ID and error code on disconnect messages to improve troubleshooting. You can copy the dialog message with Ctrl+C.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the desktop connection settings to not detect displays.
  • Client updates no longer automatically restart the PC.
  • Windowless icons should no longer appear on the taskbar.
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Hi @David I want to give you some updates regarding this issue. The main problem from my client environment is they have a firewall and also all the windows 7 users are not installing their security updates. So we did some tests for one of the user. We removed his machine from the clients firewall. We updated the Windows 7 Professional SP1 (as you know just security updates) now this user is able to login with the client with no issues. To double check I also logged into the user's Windows Virtual Desktop from my home which don't have any firewall. I was able to login in the same. To fix this in the client environment they are closed because of the covid-19 lockdown. So, my report is the required URL's and ports for windows virtual desktop must be opened in the firewall if there is not firewall then there is no issue at all and also all the Windows 7 users must check for their security updates. Thank you very much David for responding to my query, you did a great help and also thanks for assigning Abu to the issue, he also helped me a lot. I will definitely give you another update once this problem is completed solved.

@Martijn Devolder Could you try using the Feedback Hub (smiley emoticon) which will help us collect the Logs. Also are we still seeing an issue with one specific device (you had two - once always worked and one didnt ) ?

@abuZ  I gave feedback through the hub.


Indeed it just seems to be on my computer.

@Martijn Devolder Any chance you have the title of the feedback or the URL sp we can find it?

@David Belanger 


The title is: "Can't connect to WVD with remote desktop client"



@gadmin285  This seems like something I'm observing for a customer. All of a sudden today their ability to launch WVD Remote Apps has stopped: "internal error". My login works fine on my networks, but when I try to login from their computers we get an error. 


You mention needing to allow certain things on the client firewall. Can you share what those were?

@DaveMortensen  Do you have the UserName for the customer who has connection issues and a rough timestamp so I can look up the details ?