Version 1.2.341 of the Windows client now available to all users.


We have just released version 1.2.431 to all users which includes the new 32-bit and ARM64 versions.


Additional information is available on the What's new page:


You can install the client from:


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Version 1.2.431 is now unable to open RDP files or RemoteApp files whereas 1.2.247 used to open them fine?! what has changed here to cause this error?

@RussellSUK Can you provide more information? That behavior should not have changed. What is the scenario? Are you manually calling MSRDC.exe on the command line and passing in an RDP file?

Hey @David Belanger

OK, so under 1.2.247 we could feed an RDP file to it and msrdc.exe will read it and connect perfectly

Under 1.2.341 it immediately says it cannot connect to remote computer

Fiddler shows no HTTPS traffic being sent to the gateway, it is almost as if it cannot read the file to make the connection!


If there is a way to debug this as the app runs please let us know how to enable this


Thanks for coming back so quickly



I've set up WVD with an on-premise RDSH and ADFS and last week that worked like a charm (after the WVD Team fixed the SID check).
Now I keep getting " an internal error has occurred". ADFS doesn't seem to enroll a certificate anymore for the connection to my RDSH.
Is it possible to rollback to version 1.2.247 so I can test this?

@Naudski we have the MSI here.

Can send it to you or upload it somewhere

Thanks for the MSI, Russell!!
I just installed version 1.2.247 and my remote desktop connection to my on-prem RDSH through ADFS is working again :)
@RussellSUK: Thank you for the MSI!

Can you explain why this isn't working anymore with this new client?

@Naudski great stuff - glad it helped


I suspect something is wrong in the way 1.2.341 reads the RDP file (we have skimmed almost everything out of one including the code signing and it still fails)


We are going to test again and send the ETLs over to see if it can be debugged


There is a reg key in the documentation to prevent updating, but the UI still prompts that an update is available!? (the reg key hides the button). If you have restricted users and use machine wide installer a user cannot install the update without admin credentials


You can stop the UI appearing if you dont need it by renaming msrdcw.exe to msrdcw.old (msrdcw.exe invokes the MSRDC client window itself which offers shortcuts/RDP links and the update button)



Hi @RussellSUK , thank you for mentioning that the update notification still shows even if the key is set. Definitely not supposed to be the case. We'll test it out and fix it as needed.


@Naudski Installing the agent on servers on-premise is not supported. You can only install the agent on servers running in Azure. I will follow up separately to understand what changed but I recommend you look at moving these workloads to Azure as soon as possible.