Version 1.2.3126 of the Windows Desktop client for AVD has been released to Insiders!



This morning we released the preview of the April update of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) to the Insiders user group.

Check out What’s New in this release and as always, appreciate any feedback.

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Please, please, please can we get some actual detail on the 'improved client logging and error classification to help admins troubleshoot...' that appears on nearly every update. As an admin its very frustrating :)





Hi Paul,
We add a number of updates to each release and try to highlight those that would stand out for the customer. Is there something specific you are looking for? Let me know if I can help. The last thing we want is for update notes to be frustrating.
Really, as an Admin, I'd like to know where are the improved logs to help admins troubleshoot - are they in Log Analytics, or in the Windows Event Log? and what additional parameters/values are surfaced?
It feels like the current release notes are fine for general consumption, but for people spending their day in LA queries and as a point of escalation for issues, I'd prefer a little more detail on these updates. Maybe its just the nerd in me :)

thanks for the reply, appreciate all the good work you're doing.